Re: operation of addport & modulesupdate in particular (was Re: cvs commit: CVSROOT modules)

From: Ceri Davies <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 14:33:08 +0000
On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 10:13:10PM -0500, Adam Weinberger wrote:
> On 01 Dec, 2004, at 20:45, Will Andrews wrote:
> >On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 06:55:20PM +0000, Tilman Linneweh wrote:
> >>  Modified files:
> >>    .                    modules
> >>  Log:
> >>  Add kgeography
> >>
> >>  X-Mas whish:    Santa Claus, please fix addport for me
> >
> >Nothing wrong with it; been using it since I wrote it almost 5
> >years ago, without any trouble.  It can be blamed for several
> >thousand CVSROOT/modules changes since then.  :)
> >
> >My usual reply to this recurring issue is:
> >
> >Make sure your ssh configuration works the way it does, i.e. can
> >ssh to freefall from committing location and subsequently from
> >there to repoman - usually involves ssh-agent or another key that
> >is local to the cluster.
> This is a recurring issue because most people cannot set this up 
> properly. You can tell from the commit message whether it was done by 
> hand or by addport (presence of indentation). I've tried before to make 
> this work, but was unable to. I've requested a couple times for 
> somebody to just show step-by-step what needs to be done, but haven't 
> yet seen such.

Create/append to your .login (per your shell) and .ssh/config files as
attached.  Somebody will at some point say here that ForwardAgent is a
security risk here, so you may want to use a keypair specifically for
the cluster if you don't do that already.

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