Re: cvs commit: src/sys/dev/uart uart_cpu_pc98.c

From: M. Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 10:41:47 -0600 (MDT)
In message: <>
            Takahashi Yoshihiro <> writes:
: In article <>
: Warner Losh <> writes:
: > imp         2003/09/10 21:14:27 PDT
: > 
: >   FreeBSD src repository
: > 
: >   Modified files:
: >     sys/dev/uart         uart_cpu_pc98.c 
: >   Log:
: >   Fix compile on pc98.  Maybe this is correct.
: It should not call i386_bus_space_handle_alloc() directly in device
: driver.  I think that we need to implement bus_space_map() function.

The functions in uart_cpu_* are used for the console port support
before the device system is up and running.  It is currently abusing
bus space handles a little bit here.  Since we're only planning on
supporting console ports on the first two serial ports, the number of
different devices we need to support is sufficiently small that I
thought this abuse was OK.

I mostly wanted to get pc98 compiling again with my commit, so if
there's a more appropriate way to do so, please feel free to instruct

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