cvs commit: src/bin/sh eval.c

From: Martin Cracauer <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 18:05:12 -0800 (PST)
cracauer    2003/12/27 18:05:12 PST

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    bin/sh               eval.c 
  PR 28852
  sh -e behaviour was incorrect when && and || statements where used in
  "if" clauses.
  This is the patch submitted by MORI Kouji <>.
  It fixes the issue at hand, but sh fixes like this are super-hard to
  verify that they don't break anything else.  I ran some of my old test
  cases and a few big GNU configure scripts that detected mistakes
  before, with the previous sh, patched sh and bash.  No differences in
  behaviour found.  MFC recommended after longer than usual time.
  Compiles on i386 and sledge.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.38      +1 -24     src/bin/sh/eval.c
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