Re: cvs commit: ports MOVED

From: Sergei Kolobov <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 15:22:58 +0300
On 2003-12-17 at 18:21 -0800, Doug Barton wrote:
> Sergei Kolobov wrote:
> >I have mixed feelings about this myself, however:
> >- the software refers to itself as "MailScanner", in Perl module name,
> >  all paths and filenames
> We have some other perl stuff that defies the case sensitive convention, 
> but I don't like that either. :)  Also, is this thing a perl module? 

To avoid further confusion:

Sorry, I mis-used the term "Perl module".
What I meant was: there is a component of this package that is named

It is not a Perl module in a sense that is installed into ${SITE_PERL}
hierarchy and just contains functions to be called by other Perl scripts.
It is the heart of this package.

> If so, then there should be a p5- prepended to the port name. 
> THAT  convention is well enough engrained to be outside dispute.

I absolutely agree, except it doesn't apply here. ;)

> >- I suggested to the maintainer that PORTNAME should be changed to
> >  MailScanner, in order to make the paths and names consistent with the
> >  software's own naming scheme
> I think that your advice here was bad. All due respect. The value of 
> having a consistent name space in the ports tree far exceeds the value 
> of consistency with the path names of the installed software.

Yes, I guess it was a mistake. Give me that pointy hat, please...


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