Realtors, Luxury Homes Equals Recession-Proof Business

Mr. Real Estate luxuryhomes at
Thu Mar 16 15:20:38 UTC 2006

   Hi Realtors,

   If you want to "recession-proof" your business,
   start listing and selling luxury homes.

   Why? Luxury home buyers purchase because they WANT
   that particular house. Their buying decisions are
   NOT based on the state of the economy.

   The promo for 20% off the regular price of "The Art
   of Listing & Selling Luxury Homes Part 2" is over in
   48 hours. Grab your copy today at ...

   [1]Luxury Homes Part 2

   George P. Mr. Real Estate

   P.S. If you want your business to flourish without
   depending on interest rates, unemployment figures, etc.,v start
   building your luxury homes business.

   P.P.S. Discover the step-by-step process for listing
   and selling luxury homes. Claim YOUR copy at ...

   [2]Luxury Homes Part 2

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