DSEP 20060213, SEDarwin Module

Pendergrass, James A. James.Pendergrass at jhuapl.edu
Sun Mar 5 11:14:03 PST 2006

I just learned of the SEDarwin project at the SELinux symposium last week, and I thought I'd try to get involved in development/testing/whatever is needed.
I've set up a test machine and downloaded/built the DSEP 20060213 tarball available from the SEDarwin page of the SEBSD site.  

But the SEDarwin module won't build.  There are many errors in the sebsd.c file,  mostly relating to dereferencing incomplete structures types.  It looks like a number of structs (like struct proc, and struct mount and others) have been made opaque in the transition from 10.3.x to 10.4.x and the MacFramework/SEDarwin code has not been updated to expose accessors to relevant members of these structures.  

I'm new to XNU kernel programming so this is really just a guess based on the error messages.  Can someone verify that this is indeed the problem?  Also,  would it be helpful to the community for me to devote some energy into fixing this breakage, or is someone else already on top of it?  I tried checking out the CVSup repository, but it seems woefully out of date.  In general,  I would like to know what is available for me to work on that would be of use to the rest of the community.  

J. Aaron Pendergrass

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