deprecated label syntax

Chris Vance Christopher.Vance at
Mon Sep 19 11:00:31 GMT 2005

Robert Watson wrote:

> As long as we mark that format as deprecated in RELENG_5 and RELENG_6
> documentation, that's fine by me.  That way the remaining releases in
> the 5.x series will show it as deprecated, all 6.x releases will show it
> as deprecated, and in 7.0 it isn't present.
> We should also remove the undocumented mac_prepare_packet_label(), which
> was an issue pointed out to me by Stefan Farfeleder recently.

Robert, when going to the trouble to deprecate interfaces, on the Darwin
platform I recently removed mac_create_root_mount and the corresponding
policy entry point.  There were no policies that required it and the
mac_create_mount is sufficient.  You may wish to do the same on FreeBSD.

It was there for historical reasons; it was used during the development
of some policies that wished to load policy data when the root
filesystem was avilable.  There are much better ways to pre-load the
data now.

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