File System ACLs: Where to go from here in FreeBSD?

fergus fergus at
Sun Sep 18 17:09:33 GMT 2005

ACLs and file system structures are not a particular strength of
mine so i'll keep my "management" answer to a minimum.

i think the only realistic approach is not to over commit ourselves
as regards effort.  if it is going to take a significant amount of
work to move toward v4 ACLs (if you'll forgive the phrase) then i
would advise caution.

with that in mind i'd suggest that abandoning POSIX.1e in search of
the future is a poor idea.  at this stage.  if our BSD brethern go
POSIX.1e (which i would guess they would) our synergy with them is
more reciprical than solaris, linux and (if i dare suggest it)

having said that i think you make a good case for investigating.

if we can split the implementation so that a file system may
optionally select the type of ACL (in a similar way to other ufs
"options") then we have an effective migration path.  if that is
unrealistic i would suggest we stick with POSIX.1e and assess viable
mappings to NFSv4 (as we presumably want to do that anyway).

basically, let this play out a bit longer before investing too much

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