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Mon Feb 16 08:28:13 GMT 2004

Hi, Watson

  Thank you for showing me your TrustedBSD-CAP work. It is really useful material.
  Sorry for stupidity, but I still have some questions:

(1) It is true that you cannot use TrustedBSD-MAC and TrustedBSD-CAP at the same time? I mean, is it true that a TrustedBSD-MAC kernel does not have anything capabilities code? They are all independent, aren't they?

(2) Is there an TrustedBSD-MAC policy module implementation of capabilities? I read from the components page that "Elements of this implementation are being updated for FreeBSD 5.2 and will be available in 2003Q3 as part of the MAC Framework.". What does that mean? A MAC policy module or just part of the MAC framework. And, sorry for my bad English, does "2003Q3" means "the third quarter of 2003" ?


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