rwx in ACLs (was Re: extattr in-kernel interface)

Mike Owen Mike at
Wed Apr 19 18:48:34 GMT 2000

In message <852568C5.007DD9F4.00 at>, jont at
>So the questions become:
>a) do we want a secure transfer of ownership ?
>b) is there a better way than take-owner ?

Well, if roles are being used, then chown can become something which
could be accessible to anyone, but is in practice made available only to
a few users. I don't tend to think of chown as something your everyday
user should be making use of. I guess I'm firmly in the "restrict users
to as few privileges as they could possibly need to do their job" camp.

(If I just misused the term privileges, I blame the most incredible head
cold I've had in ages..)

And Jon - in another message you said (re: previous implementations and
lessons learned)
A lot has been published, should we dig up more citations ?

I for one, would appreciate as many pointers to previous implementations
and theory as possible. Can anyone name some decent pages/ftp sites for
such information/papers? 

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