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Todd Miller millert at
Thu Feb 23 11:34:45 PST 2006

Change 92288 by millert at millert_g4tower on 2006/02/23 19:33:16

	Update errata list

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.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sedarwin7/ERRATA#3 edit

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==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sedarwin7/ERRATA#3 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-Port of TrustedBSD MAC Framework to Darwin 10.3.3
+Port of TrustedBSD MAC Framework to Darwin 10.3.8
-McAfee Research
-15204 Omega Drive, Suite 300
-Rockville, MD 20850
+7075 Samuel Morse Drive
+Columbia, MD 21046-3401
 The following known issues are present in this release:
@@ -28,15 +28,24 @@
      provides /dev/fd entries on darwin instead of implementing this
      within devfs.
- 66: Panic with a zalloc: the ipctrace seems to be leaking memory with
-     port labels and the system will panic after a running for a while.
  76: If a filesystem makes symbolic links from a partition that is
      using extended attributes into a file system that is not using
      extended attributes, the system will eventually deadlock.
+ 89: SEDarwin policy rejecting access to /dev/null when it should
+     not.  Is the general_file_write_access macro not being applied
+     to users?
  91: Users who create and attach new disk images cannot then access them.
+ 93: After reboot, the first time a user logs in, after entering correct
+     user name and password an alert pops up that says:
+	You cannot continue logging in at this time.  There is a
+	problem that prevents you from logging in at this time.
+	Please contact your system administrator for help.
+    After clicking OK the MAC login plug-in box comes up and the
+    user may login normally.
  98: HFS+ ignores mac_associate_vnode_extattr() failure.  HFS+
      currently ignores failures in mac_associate_vnode_extattr(), so a
      failure to load critical extended attributes by a policy might
@@ -72,7 +81,16 @@
      VOP_IOCTL vector.  A MAC Framework access control check needs to
      be inserted here.
-147: Panic with a bad v_usecount for a vnode during vnreclaim().  This
-     occurs under a heavy load of combined auditing and file
-     operations.  The stack trace always reflects a problem in the
-     lstat() system call.  It's possible that this is a vendor defect.
+238: Currently the port label of a label handle is unused.  This
+     could (and probably should) be used to implement access control
+     (label visibility).  The port label would start out with the
+     same value as the object label but we should provide methods
+     to get/set this label.  Security server methods that return a
+     label handle or text label can use the port label for access
+     control.
+239: The SLOT() macro may return NULL in the SEDarwin policy.  This
+     causes a panic in sebsd_externalize_cred_label() when the port
+     that holds the label has already been destroyed.  There appears
+     to be a missing lock or out of order operation since we should
+     not be trying to externalized a dead port.

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