HEADS UP: Audit integration into CVS in progress, some tree disruption

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Wed Feb 1 22:32:25 GMT 2006

Kövesdán Gábor wrote:

> Robert Watson wrote:
>> As Wayne and I are in the process of merging the TrustedBSD audit3 
>> branch contents into the FreeBSD CVS HEAD (7-CURRENT), there may be 
>> periods where the tree is (hopefully briefly) unbuildable.  This 
>> integration process will take a couple of days to complete, due to 
>> the scope of the changes.  So far, the kernel audit framework has 
>> been committed (src/sys/security/audit), as has an initial vendor 
>> import of OpenBSM for user space (src/contrib/openbsm).  What remains 
>> to be committed are the substantial changes to gather audit data in 
>> system calls, the mappings of system calls to audit events, and 
>> integration into the user space build and user space applications 
>> (such as login).  These bits are the trickier bits as the patches are 
>> large and touch a lot of parts of the tree.
>> I'll send out follow-up e-mail once the worst is past, along with 
>> information on what it all means, and how to try it out (for those 
>> not already on trustedbsd-audit, who have been hearing about this for 
>> a while).
>> Robert N M Watson
> Do you plan to merge it to RELENG_6? If so, when? Maybe for the 
> upcoming 6.1? Or only for 6.2 or later?

is there  a website about all this stuff?  "What's it for?"

> Regards,
> Gabor Kovesdan
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