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Andrew R. Reiter arr at
Thu Nov 17 02:37:50 GMT 2005

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Robert Watson wrote:

:On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Andrew R. Reiter wrote:
:> On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Robert Watson wrote:
:> :rwatson     2005-11-16 15:21:29 UTC
:> :
:> :  FreeBSD projects repository
:> :
:> :  Modified files:
:> :    trustedbsd/www       trustedbsd-supfile
:> :  Log:
:> :  People cvsuping the audit code should use the audit3 collection, not the
:> :  audit collection, as we're now using the audit3 branch for active
:> :  development.
:> :
:> Out of curiosity sake, I recently sync'd to audit3 head planning on building
:> out a kernel / tools to at least help test, but then noticed a few p4 submits
:> by you that looked like you were integrating changes from CURRENT into the
:> t/bsd trees.  Is audit3 safe at the moment?
:Audit3 should be safe.  Right now we're preparing two pieces of work:
:(1) OpenBSM distribution, which includes an implementation of the BSM file
:    format and APIs, reduction tool, and printing tool, along with
:    documentation.  This is in:
:    //depot/projects/trustedbsd/openbsm/...
:(2) FreeBSD audit implementation, of which the user part is almost
:    entirely based on OpenBSM (and the BSM encoding bits in the kernel).
:    This is in:
:    //depot/projects/trustedbsd/audit3/...
:We hope to begin integrating the audit3 code into the base FreeBSD CVS tree in
:the next two weeks, but have a fair amount of cleaning up and general tidying
:to do first.  When I last checked the audit3 branch, it built and ran quite
:well, and generated nice big log files.  It will probably get unsettled for a
:few days when I next integrate the branch to bring it up to 7-CURRENT.
:Robert N M Watson

Ok, thanks for (1); that was the important part of what I needed.  And 
thanks for the rest of the information as it's useful.  I keep track of 
CURRENT, ... sometimes lagging due to work, but audit has been out of my 
brains for a long time.  I will not say (from past experience) that I am 
going to be able to be involved, but I am hoping to at least test it.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.


arr at
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