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Garance A Drosehn gad at
Sun Oct 12 22:01:26 UTC 2008

At 9:34 PM +1100 10/12/08, Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 12, 2008, Stanislav Sedov wrote:

>  > > URL:
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>>  > Log:
>  > >   All collected changes to with regarding to the feedback
>  > >   received on the announcement of top 3.8b1 on -stable and
>  > >   -current as version B.
>  > >
>  > >   This is considered the final version and submitted to mentor
>  > >   (bde@) for commit approval.
>  >
>>  What happened to my request of preserving -a option?
>Taken in consideration, as promised on #thatchannel.
>I still think that compatibility with the original program and thus
>other OS's on which top runs, either out of the box or via the
>original tar-ball of the author, is more important than the
>compatibility between FreeBSD versions for FreeBSD specific features.

Hmm, I didn't realize there were plans to change the -a option.

The ability itself is useful, although I don't feel strongly that
it needs to be on the -a option.  This is the kind of option that
I forget about until I actually need it for something.  Does this
new 'top' have some other option which does:

     Display command names derived from  the  argv[]  vector,
     rather than  real  executable  name.  It's useful when you
     want to watch applications, that puts their status information
     there.  If  the real  name  differs from argv[0], it will be
     displayed in parenthesis.

(hmm, that second sentence is not worded quite right, but that's
what our man page says!)  Apologies if it does and I'm just
missing it.

Also, if this version of 'top' is going to change the meaning of
some options compared to previous versions of 'top' on FreeBSD,
then I think it would be helpful for the man page to include some
short historical footnote of that change.

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