svn commit: r230302 - in stable/9/sys/dev/usb: . controller

Robert N. M. Watson rwatson at
Sat Jan 21 12:22:07 UTC 2012

On 21 Jan 2012, at 11:30, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

>>>>> Author: hselasky
>>>>> Date: Wed Jan 18 07:57:17 2012
>>>>> New Revision: 230302
>>>>> URL:
>>>>> Log:
>>>>> MFC r230032, r230050, r230090, r230091 and r228493.
>>>>> - Various XHCI and USB 3.0 related issues.
>>>>> - USB 3.0 HUBs should work after this change.
>>>> Should some portion of this be issued as an Errata Note against
>>>> supported 8.x and 9.x releases -- in particular, support for USB 3.0
>>>> hubs?
>>> hrs @ already did that with the 9-release errata I believe.
>> Sorry, I may have been unclear -- I meant Errata Note in the freebsd-update
>> sense, not as in the release note errata.
> I think there is no such notice at the present moment.

Just to clarify, are you saying that:

(1) We should not ever do an errata note + binary update for the most important of these bug fixes, just wait for them to ship in FreeBSD 8.3/9.1?

(2) We should do errata notes + binary updates for the most important of these bug fixes, but we need to let them settle for a while to ensure there are no unexpected consequences/etc?

Do we think that the impact of the USB 3.0 hub issue will be significant to our userbase -- e.g., excluding use of USB on many recent systems?



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