svn commit: r229787 - stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Sat Jan 7 18:52:16 UTC 2012

Author: hrs
Date: Sat Jan  7 18:52:16 2012
New Revision: 229787

  - Remove unnecessary and/or old parts.
  - Add relnote entries:
  	msk(4) RX checksum bugfix,
  	rdcphy(4) for R6040 10/100 PHY added,
  	vte(4) for RDC R6040 added,
  	vlan(4) IPv6 LLA interface ID bugfix,
  	wpi(4) bugfix,
  	md(4) vm.md_malloc_wait sysctl added,
  	mmc(4) device detection fixed,
  	FFS TRIM support added,
  	poweroff(8) added,
  	rtld(1) now supports shared objects for filtering,
  	sh(1) kill built-in added, and
  	KDE 4.7.3.


Modified: stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml
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+++ stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Sat Jan  7 18:52:16 2012	(r229787)
@@ -4,11 +4,6 @@
 <!ENTITY % release PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES Release Specification//EN">
-<!-- Text constants which probably don't need to be changed.-->
-<!ENTITY % include.historic "IGNORE">
-<!ENTITY % no.include.historic "IGNORE">
@@ -53,29 +48,6 @@
     It also provides some notes on upgrading
     from previous versions of &os;.</para>
-<![ %release.type.current [
-  <para>The &release.type; distribution to which these release notes
-    apply represents the latest point along the &release.branch; development
-    branch since &release.branch; was created.  Information regarding pre-built, binary
-    &release.type; distributions along this branch
-    can be found at <ulink url="&release.url;"></ulink>.</para>
-<![ %release.type.snapshot [
-  <para>The &release.type; distribution to which these release notes
-    apply represents a point along the &release.branch; development
-    branch between &release.prev; and the future &;.
-    Information regarding
-    pre-built, binary &release.type; distributions along this branch
-    can be found at <ulink url="&release.url;"></ulink>.</para>
-<![ %release.type.release [
   <para>This distribution of &os; &release.current; is a
     &release.type; distribution.  It can be found at <ulink
     url="&release.url;"></ulink> or any of its mirrors.  More
@@ -86,8 +58,6 @@
   <para>All users are encouraged to consult the release errata before
     installing &os;.  The errata document is updated with
     <quote>late-breaking</quote> information discovered late in the
@@ -103,10 +73,7 @@
   <para>This section describes
     the most user-visible new or changed features in &os;
-    since &release.prev;.
-    In general, changes described here are unique to the &release.branch;
-    branch unless specifically marked as &merged; features.
-  </para>
+    since &release.prev;.</para>
   <para>Typical release note items
     document recent security advisories issued after
@@ -217,128 +184,48 @@
   <sect2 id="kernel">
     <title>Kernel Changes</title>
-    <para>A new &man.cpuset.2; API has been added
-      for thread to CPU binding and CPU resource grouping and
-      assignment.  The &man.cpuset.1; userland utility has been added
-      to allow manipulation of processor sets.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The &man.ddb.4; kernel debugger now has an output capture
-      facility.  Input and output from &man.ddb.4; can now be captured
-      to a memory buffer for later inspection using &man.sysctl.8; or
-      a textdump.  The new <command>capture</command> command controls
-      this feature.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The &man.ddb.4; debugger now supports a simple scripting
-      facility, which supports a set of named scripts consisting of a
-      set of &man.ddb.4; commands.  These commands can be managed from
-      within &man.ddb.4; or with the use of the new &man.ddb.8;
-      utility.  More details can be found in the &man.ddb.4; manual
-      page.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The kernel now supports a new textdump format of kernel
-      dumps.  A textdump provides higher-level information via
-      mechanically generated/extracted debugging output, rather than a
-      simple memory dump.  This facility can be used to generate brief
-      kernel bug reports that are rich in debugging information, but
-      are not dependent on kernel symbol tables or precisely
-      synchronized source code.  More information can be found in the
-      &man.textdump.4; manual page.</para>
-    <para>Kernel support for M:N threading has been removed.  While
-      the KSE (Kernel Scheduled Entities) project was quite successful
-      in bringing threading to FreeBSD, the M:N approach taken by the
-      KSE library was never developed to its full potential.
-      Backwards compatibility for applications using KSE threading
-      will be provided via &man.libmap.conf.5; for dynamically linked
-      binaries.  The &os; Project greatly appreciates the work of
-      &a.julian;, &a.deischen;, and &a.davidxu; on KSE support.</para>
-    <para>The &os; kernel now exports information about certain kernel
-      features via the <varname>kern.features</varname> sysctl tree.
-      The &man.feature.present.3; library call provides a convenient
-      interface for user applications to test the presence of
-      features.</para>
-    <para arch="amd64">The &os; kernel now has support for large
-      memory page mappings (<quote>superpages</quote>).</para>
-    <para arch="amd64,i386,ia64,powerpc" role="merged">The ULE
-      scheduler is now the default process scheduler
-      in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernels.</para>
     <sect3 id="boot">
       <title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386" role="merged">The BTX kernel used by the boot
-	loader has been changed to invoke BIOS routines from real
-	mode.  This change makes it possible to boot &os; from USB
-	devices.</para>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386" role="merged">A new gptboot boot loader has
-        been added to support booting from a GPT labeled disk.  A
-        new <command>boot</command> command has been added to
-        &man.gpt.8;, which makes a GPT disk bootable by writing the
-        required bits of the boot loader, creating a new boot
-        partition if required.</para>
+      <para></para>
     <sect3 id="proc">
       <title>Hardware Support</title>
-      <para role="merged">The &man.cmx.4; driver, a driver for Omnikey CardMan 4040
-        PCMCIA smartcard readers, has been added.</para>
-      <para>The &man.syscons.4; driver now supports Colemak keyboard layout.</para>
-      <para role="merged">The &man.uslcom.4; driver, a driver for Silicon
-        Laboratories CP2101/CP2102-based USB serial adapters, has been
-        imported from OpenBSD.</para>
       <sect4 id="mm">
 	<title>Multimedia Support</title>
       <sect4 id="net-if">
 	<title>Network Interface Support</title>
-	<para>The &man.ale.4; driver has been added to provide support
-	  for Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 Gigabit/Fast Ethernet controllers.</para>
-	<para>The &man.em.4; driver has been split into two drivers
-	  with some common parts.  The &man.em.4; driver will continue
-	  to support adapters up to the 82575, as well as new
-	  client/desktop adapters.  A new &man.igb.4; driver
-	  will support new server adapters.</para>
-	<para>The &man.jme.4; driver has been added to provide support
-	  for PCIe network adapters based on JMicron JMC250 Gigabit
-	  Ethernet and JMC260 Fast Ethernet controllers.</para>
-	<para>The &man.malo.4; driver has been added to provide
-	  support for Marvell Libertas 88W8335 based PCI network
-	  adapters.</para>
-	<para>The firmware for the &man.mxge.4; driver has been
-	  updated from 1.4.25 to 1.4.29.</para>
-	<para>The &man.sf.4; driver has been overhauled to improve its
-	  performance and to add support for checksum offloading.  It
-	  should also work on all architectures.</para>
-	<para>The &; driver has been overhauled to fix a
-	  number of issues.  This driver now has Wake On LAN (WOL)
-	  support.</para>
-	<para>The &man.vr.4; driver has been overhauled to fix a
-	  number of outstanding issues.  It also now works on all
-	  architectures.</para>
+	  <para revision="216860">A bug in &man.msk.4; driver has been
+	    fixed.  It could prevent the RX checksum offloading from
+	    working.</para>
+	  <para revision="216828">A rdcphy(4) driver for RDC Semiconductor
+	    R6040 10/100 PHY has been added.</para>
+	  <para revision="216650">A bug in &man.vlan.4; pseudo interface
+	    han been fixed.  It could have a random interface
+	    identifier in an automatically configured IPv6 link-local
+	    address, instead of one generated with the parent
+	    interface's IEEE 802 48-bit MAC address and an algorithm
+	    described in RFC 4291.</para>
+	  <para revision="216829">A &man.vte.4; driver for RDC R6040 Fast
+	    Ethernet controller, which is commonly found on Vortex86
+	    System On a Chip, has been added.</para>
+	  <para revision="216824">A bug in &man.wpi.4; driver has been
+	    fixed.  It could display the following error messages and
+	    result in the device unusable:</para>
-	<para arch="amd64,i386" role="merged">The &man.wpi.4; driver has
-	  been updated to include a number of stability fixes.</para>
+	  <screen>wpi0: could not map mbuf (error 12)
+wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load failed, error 12</screen>
@@ -346,265 +233,95 @@
     <sect3 id="net-proto">
       <title>Network Protocols</title>
-      <para>The &man.bpf.4; packet filter and capture facility now
-        supports a zero-copy mode of operation, in which buffers are
-        loaned from a user process to the kernel.  This feature can
-        be enabled by setting
-        the <varname>net.bpf.zerocopy_enable</varname> sysctl
-        variable to <literal>1</literal>.</para>
-      <para>ISDN4BSD(I4B), <filename>netatm</filename>, and all
-        related subsystems have been removed due to lack of
-        multi-processor support.</para>
-      <para role="merged">A bug in TCP options padding, where the wrong padding
-        bytes were used, has been fixed.</para>
+      <para></para>
     <sect3 id="disks">
       <title>Disks and Storage</title>
-      <para role="merged">The &man.aac.4; driver now supports volumes larger than
-        2TB in size.</para>
-      <para>The &man.ata.4; driver now supports a spindown command for
-        disks; after a configurable amount of time, if no requests
-        have been received for a disk, the disk will be spun down
-        until the next request.  The &man.atacontrol.8; utility now
-        supports a <command>spindown</command> command to configure
-        this feature.</para>
-      <para role="merged">The &man.hptrr.4; driver has been updated to version 1.2
-        from Highpoint.</para>
+	<para revision="216793">The &; memory-backed pseudo disk
+	  device driver now supports a &man.sysctl.8; variable
+	  <varname>vm.md_malloc_wait</varname> to specify whether a
+	  malloc-backed disk to using <varname>M_WAITOK</varname> or
+	  <varname>M_NOWAIT</varname> for &man.malloc.9; calls.  The
+	  <varname>M_WAITOK</varname> can prevent memory allocation
+	  failure under high load.  If it is set to
+	  <literal>0</literal>, a malloc-backed disk uses
+	  <varname>M_NOWAIT</varname> for memory allocation.  The
+	  default value is <literal>0</literal>.</para>
+	<para revision="216941">A bug in the &man.mmc.4; driver that could
+	  fail in device detection has been fixed.</para>
     <sect3 id="fs">
       <title>File Systems</title>
-      <para>A problem with using &man.mmap.2; on ZFS filesystems has
-        been fixed.</para>
-      <para>A new kernel-mode NFS lock manager has been added,
-        improving performance and behavior of NFS locking.  A new
-        &man.clear.locks.8; command has been added to clear locks held
-        on behalf of an NFS client.</para>
-      <para role="merged">The <application>ZFS</application> file system
-        has been upgraded to version 14.  Additional changes include
-        support for NFSv4 ACLs, a speedup of zfs send and an improved L2ARC.
-        New statistics for prefetch and L2ARC have been introduced.</para>
+	<para revision="216796">The &os; Fast File System now supports
+	  <literal>TRIM</literal> command when freeing data blocks.  A
+	  new flag <option>-t</option> in the &man.newfs.8; and
+	  &man.tunefs.8; utilities sets the TRIM-enable flag in a file
+	  system.  The TRIM-enable flag makes the file system send a
+	  delete request to the underlying device for each freed
+	  block.  The <literal>TRIM</literal> command is specified as
+	  Data Set Management Command in ATA8-ACS2 standard to carry
+	  the information related to deleted data blocks to device,
+	  especially for SSD (Solid-State Drive) for optimization.
+	  </para>
   <sect2 id="userland">
     <title>Userland Changes</title>
-    <para role="merged">The &man.adduser.8; utility now supports
-      a <option>-M</option> option to set the mode of a new user's
-      home directory.</para>
-    <para>BSD-licensed versions of &; and &man.ranlib.1;,
-      based on <filename>libarchive</filename>, have replaced the GNU
-      Binutils versions of these utilities.</para>
-    <para>BSD-licensed versions of &man.bc.1; and &man.dc.1; have
-      replaced their GNU counterparts.</para>
-    <para role="merged">&man.chflags.1; now supports a <option>-v</option> flag for
-      verbose output and a <option>-f</option> flag to ignore errors
-      with the same semantics as (for example)
-      &man.chmod.1;.</para>
-    <para>For compatiblity with other implementations, &man.cp.1; now
-      supports a <option>-a</option> flag, which is equivalent to
-      specifying the <option>-RrP</option> flags.</para>
-    <para>BSD-licensed version of &man.cpio.1; based on
-      <filename>libarchive</filename>, has replaced the GNU cpio.
-      Note that the GNU cpio is still installed as
-      <filename>gcpio</filename>.</para>
-    <para>The &man.env.1; program now supports <option>-u
-      <replaceable>name</replaceable></option>
-      which will completely unset the given variable
-      <replaceable>name</replaceable> by removing it from the environment,
-      instead of just setting it to a null value.</para>
-    <para>The &man.fdopendir.3; library function has been added.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The &man.fetch.3; library now support HTTP 1.1
-      If-Modified-Since behavior.  The &man.fetch.1; program now
-      supports <option>-i <replaceable>filename</replaceable></option>
-      which will only download the specified HTTP URL if the content
-      is newer than <replaceable>filename</replaceable>.</para>
-    <para>&man.find.1; has been enhanced by the addition of a number
-      of primaries that were present in GNU find but not &os;
-      &man.find.1;.</para>
-    <para>&man.jexec.8; now supports <option>-h
-      <replaceable>hostname</replaceable></option> option to specify the
-      jail where the command will be executed.</para>
-    <para>&man.kgdb.1; now supports a new <command>add-kld</command>
-      command to make it easier to debug crash dumps with kernel
-      modules.</para>
-    <para>The &; program now supports a <option>-D</option>
-      option to specify a date format string to be used with the long
-      format (<option>-l</option>) output.</para>
-    <para>&; now supports a <option>-O</option> switch to
-      disable the use of TCP options.</para>
-    <para>&;'s <option>-o</option> switch has been deprecated.
-      It will be removed in a future release.</para>
-    <para>The &man.ping6.8; utility now returns <literal>2</literal>
-      when the packet transmission was successful but no responses
-      were received (this is the same behavior as &;).
-      It returned a non-zero value before this change.</para>
-    <para>The &man.procstat.1; utility has been added to display
-      detailed information about processes.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The &man.realpath.1; utility now supports
-      a <option>-q</option> flag to suppress warnings; it now also
-      accepts multiple paths on its command line.</para>
-    <para>The &man.split.1; utility now supports a <option>-n</option>
-      flag to split a file into a certain number of chunks.</para>
-    <para>The &man.tar.1; utility now supports a <option>-Z</option>
-      flag to enable &man.compress.1;-style
-      compression/decompression.</para>
-    <para>The &man.tar.1; utility now supports a
-      <option>--numeric-owner</option> flag to ignore user/group names
-      on create and extract.</para>
-    <para>The &man.tar.1; utility now supports an
-      <option>-S</option> flag to sparsify files on extraction.</para>
-    <para>The &man.tar.1; utility now supports a <option>-s</option>
-      flag to substitute filenames based on the specified regular
-      expression.</para>
-    <para>The &man.tcgetsid.3; library function has been added to
-      return the process group ID for the session leader for the
-      controlling terminal.  It is defined in IEEE Std 1003.1-2001
-      (POSIX).</para>
-    <para>&; now supports a <option>-P</option> flag to
-      provide per-CPU usage statistics.</para>
-    <para>&man.zdump.8; is now working properly on 64 bit architectures.
-      </para>
-    <para>&man.traceroute.8; now has the ability to print the AS
-      number for each hop with the new <option>-a</option> switch; a
-      new <option>-A</option> option allows selecting a particular
-      WHOIS server.</para>
-    <para>&man.traceroute6.8; now supports a <option>-U</option> flag
-      to send probe packets with no upper-layer protocol, rather than
-      the usual UDP probe packets.</para>
+      <para revision="216823">A &man.poweroff.8; utility has been added.
+	This is equivalent to:</para>
+      <screen>&prompt.root; shutdown -p now</screen>
+      <para revision="216695">The &man.rtld.1; runtime linker now supports
+	shared objects as filters in ELF shared libraries.  Both
+	standard and auxillary filtering have been supported.  The
+	&man.rtld.1; linker's processing of a filter defers loading a
+	filtee until a filter symbol is referenced unless
+	<varname>LD_LOADFLTR</varname> environment variable is defined
+	or a <literal>-z loadfltr</literal> option was specified when
+	the filter was created.</para>
+      <para revision="216629">The &; program now supports
+	<command>kill</command> as a built-in command.  This allows
+	specifying <literal>%<replaceable>job</replaceable></literal>
+	which is equivalent to the corresponding process group.  Note
+	that this built-in command returns the exit status
+	<literal>2</literal> instead of <literal>1</literal> if an
+	fatal error occurs as other built-in commands do.</para>
     <sect3 id="rc-scripts">
       <title><filename>/etc/rc.d</filename> Scripts</title>
   <sect2 id="contrib">
     <title>Contributed Software</title>
-    <para role="merged"><application>AMD</application> has been updated from 6.0.10
-      to 6.1.5.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>awk</application> has been updated from 1 May
-      2007 release to the 23 October 2007 release.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>bzip2</application> has been updated from 1.0.4
-      to 1.0.5.</para>
-    <para><application>CVS</application> has been updated from 1.11.17
-      to a post-1.11.22 snapshot from 10 March 2008.</para>
-    <para><application>FILE</application> has been updated from 4.23
-      to 5.03.</para>
-    <para><application>hostapd</application> has been
-      updated from 0.5.8 to 0.5.10.</para>
-    <para><application>IPFilter</application> has been updated from
-      4.1.23 to 4.1.28.</para>
-    <para><application>less</application> has been updated from
-      v408 to v429.</para>
-    <para><application>ncurses</application> has been updated from
-      5.6-20061217 to 5.6-20080503.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>OpenSSH</application> has been updated
-      from 4.5p1 to 5.1p1.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>OpenPAM</application> has been updated from the
-      Figwort release to the Hydrangea release.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>sendmail</application> has been updated from
-      8.14.1 to 8.14.5.</para>
-    <para role="merged">The timezone database has been updated from
-      the <application>tzdata2008h</application> release to
-      the <application>tzdata2009m</application> release.</para>
-    <para>The stdtime part of libc, &man.zdump.8 and &man.zic.8
-      have been updated from the <application>tzcode2004a</application>
-      release to the <application>tzcode2009h</application> release.
-      If you have upgraded from source or via the &man.freebsd-update.8,
-      then please run &man.tzsetup.8 to install a new /etc/localtime.
-      </para>
-    <para><application>WPA Supplicant</application> has been
-      updated from 0.5.8 to 0.5.10.</para>
-    <para role="merged"><application>xz</application> has been updated
-      from snapshot as of 12 April 2010 to 5.0.0.</para>
+    <para></para>
   <sect2 id="ports">
     <title>Ports/Packages Collection Infrastructure</title>
-    <para>The &man.pkg.create.1; utility now supports
-      <option>-n</option>.  When this option is specified and a
-      package tarball exists, it will not be overwritten.  This is
-      useful when multiple packages are saved with several consecutive
-      runs of &man.pkg.create.1; with the <option>-Rb</option>
-      options.</para>
-    <para>The pkg_sign and pkg_check utilities for cryptographically
-      signing &os; packages have been removed.  They were only useful
-      for packages compressed using &man.gzip.1;; however
-      &man.bzip2.1; compression has been the norm for some time
-      now.</para>
+    <para></para>
   <sect2 id="releng">
     <title>Release Engineering and Integration</title>
-    <para role="merged">The supported version of
-      the <application>GNOME</application> desktop environment
-      (<filename role="package">x11/gnome2</filename>) has been
-      updated from 2.20.1 to 2.22.</para>
+      <para>The supported version of
+	the <application>KDE</application> desktop environment
+	(<filename role="package">x11/kde4</filename>) has been
+	updated from 4.5.5 to 4.7.3.</para>
   <sect2 id="doc">
@@ -618,6 +335,10 @@
 <sect1 id="upgrade">
   <title>Upgrading from previous releases of &os;</title>
+    <sect2>
+      <title>Upgrading using freebsd-update(8) or source-based
+	procedure</title>
   <para arch="amd64,i386">Beginning with &os; 6.2-RELEASE,
     binary upgrades between RELEASE versions (and snapshots of the
     various security branches) are supported using the
@@ -637,5 +358,13 @@
       backing up <emphasis>all</emphasis> data and configuration
+    </sect2>
+    <sect2>
+      <title id="upgrade-pitfalls">User-visible incompatibilities</title>
+      <para>This section describes notable incompatibilities which
+	your should know before upgrading your system.</para>
+    </sect2>

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