svn commit: r188159 - in projects/cambria/tools/tools: . cfi nanobsd/gateworks nanobsd/gateworks/Files nanobsd/gateworks/Files/root nanobsd/gateworks/cfg nanobsd/gateworks/cfg/ssh

Sam Leffler sam at
Thu Feb 5 10:23:29 PST 2009

Author: sam
Date: Thu Feb  5 18:23:28 2009
New Revision: 188159

  merge r188157: cfi tool

     - copied from r188157, head/tools/tools/cfi/
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/   (props changed)
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/   (props changed)
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/Files/   (props changed)
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/Files/root/   (props changed)
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/cfg/   (props changed)
  projects/cambria/tools/tools/nanobsd/gateworks/cfg/ssh/   (props changed)

Modified: projects/cambria/tools/tools/README
--- projects/cambria/tools/tools/README	Thu Feb  5 18:21:52 2009	(r188158)
+++ projects/cambria/tools/tools/README	Thu Feb  5 18:23:28 2009	(r188159)
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ ansify		Convert K&R-style function defin
 ath		Tools specific to the Atheros 802.11 support
 backout_commit	A tool for reading in a commit message and generating
 		a script that will backout the commit.
+cfi		Common Flash Interface (CFI) tool
 commitsdb	A tool for reconstructing commit history using md5
 		checksums of the commit logs.
 crypto		Test and exercise tools related to the crypto framework

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