svn commit: r186459 - in projects/cambria/sys/arm: conf xscale/ixp425

Sam Leffler sam at
Wed Dec 24 10:14:47 PST 2008

Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
> Bruce Simpson wrote:
>> Very cute indeed.
>> I wonder if it works on something like the NSLU2, or does this crypto 
>> support only exist in certain IXP variants?
>> Yulespeed on.
> Certain variants (i.e. the IXP420, like I have) don't support crypto. 
> You need >= IXP425, I believe.
First, there's no content to the driver so wait until there is something 
to try.  Second, as Nathan said, crypto support is present on certain 
xscale parts.  If you update your NSLU system to the latest HEAD you'll 
see the feature bitmask printed at boot now and that will tell you 
whether or not your system has cipher+hash support.  The 465 also has PK 
support but I don't plan to add that to this driver w/o a part to test on.


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