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Wed Mar 7 14:20:52 UTC 2012

On 7. Mar 2012, at 14:11 , Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:

> On 7. Mar 2012, at 10:49 , Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
>> On 5. Mar 2012, at 02:40 , Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
>>> Author: nwhitehorn
>>> Date: Mon Mar  5 02:40:18 2012
>>> New Revision: 232531
>>> URL:
>>> Log:
>>> Make the chroot shell more functional by providing devfs.
>> I am just replying to your last bsdinstall commit.  I am on r232627  and when I press "guided install"  the installer aborts and restarts from the keyboard menu.  Do you have any idea what causes this.   I cannot easily switch to alternate consoles as our vty switching key bindings don't go well with some virtualization technology:(
> Got to console.  On a re-run it logged:
> Running installation step: keymap
> Running installation step: hostname
> rm: /tmp/bsdinstall_etc/fstab: No such file or directory
> Running installation step: autopart
> Segmentation fault
> Running installation step: umount

Ok, the real error mesasge there should not be "Segmentation fault" but "No disk found".   By the time I added a HDD to the machine as well, the installer proceeded;  so much for trying to install into a big piece of memory for testing;-)   Should I file a PR for both features to be added?


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