svn commit: r232588 - head/share/man/man9

Sergey Kandaurov pluknet at
Tue Mar 6 08:59:43 UTC 2012

Author: pluknet
Date: Tue Mar  6 08:59:42 2012
New Revision: 232588

  - ifnet_addrs has gone and replaced by ifaddr_byindex(), as per r83130
  - access to the AF_LINK address through if_addrhead is deprecated (r128315)
  MFC after:	1 week


Modified: head/share/man/man9/ifnet.9
--- head/share/man/man9/ifnet.9	Tue Mar  6 08:40:21 2012	(r232587)
+++ head/share/man/man9/ifnet.9	Tue Mar  6 08:59:42 2012	(r232588)
@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@
 .Ss "Interface Address Functions"
 .Ft "struct ifaddr *"
+.Fn ifaddr_byindex "u_short idx"
+.Ft "struct ifaddr *"
 .Fn ifa_ifwithaddr "struct sockaddr *addr"
 .Ft "struct ifaddr *"
 .Fn ifa_ifwithdstaddr "struct sockaddr *addr"
@@ -127,7 +129,7 @@
 .Ss "Global Variables"
 .Vt extern struct ifnethead ifnet ;
-.Vt extern struct ifaddr **ifnet_addrs ;
+.\" extern struct ifindex_entry *ifindex_table ;
 .Vt extern int if_index ;
 .Vt extern int ifqmaxlen ;
@@ -192,12 +194,18 @@ Each interface also has a
 of interface addresses, described by
 .Vt ifaddr
-structures; the head of the queue is always an
 .Xr link_addr 3 )
-describing the link layer implemented by the interface (if any).
+describing the link layer implemented by the interface (if any)
+is accessed by the
+.Fn ifaddr_byindex
+function or
+.Va if_addr
 (Some trivial interfaces do not provide any link layer addresses;
 this structure, while still present, serves only to identify the
 interface name and index.)
@@ -1085,8 +1093,11 @@ addresses on that interface, and create 
 .Vt ifaddr
 structure to be the first element in that list.
 (A pointer to
-this address structure is saved in the global array
-.Va ifnet_addrs . )
+this address structure is saved in the
+.Vt ifnet
+structure and shall be accessed by the
+.Fn ifaddr_byindex
 .Fa ifp
 must have been allocated by

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