svn commit: r230623 - in head/sys: amd64/amd64 cddl/compat/opensolaris/sys cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs sys vm

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at
Sat Jan 28 08:20:16 UTC 2012

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 08:18:32PM +0000, Kip Macy wrote:
> Author: kmacy
> Date: Fri Jan 27 20:18:31 2012
> New Revision: 230623
> URL:
> Log:
>   exclude kmem_alloc'ed ARC data buffers from kernel minidumps on amd64
>   excluding other allocations including UMA now entails the addition of
>   a single flag to kmem_alloc or uma zone create

M_NODUMP and UMA_ZONE_NODUMP are very useful, not only for ZFS.
I'll look into using it for GELI memory used to store keys.

Could you please document those flags in malloc(9) and uma(9)?

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