svn commit: r230354 - head/usr.sbin/makefs

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Mon Jan 23 04:30:09 UTC 2012

Eitan Adler <eadler at> wrote
  in <CAF6rxg=VWzUcDuk_oN_wepJPejg8JnGBKm5oLXB7Y8JCW52t3w at>:

ea> I was was unaware this code was contributed. I just looked at the
ea> NetBSD version and I don't think it suffers from the same problem -
ea> the loop appears to be used later. If that is because of some other

 Just checking, but the variables dot and semi are not used even in
 the NetBSD version since the initial import (in the NetBSD tree).
 What is "the same problem" you mentioned here?  The problem I pointed
 out is just "removing the useless loop would be good but leaving the
 related comments is bad"...

ea> bug fix which could be upstreamed that would be great. On the other
ea> hand I would like to continue with my goal of making the non-contrib
ea> world compilable with CC=gcc46.
ea> Should I revert this commit?

 I don't think it is needed.  The makefs utility is a special case
 because it will probably diverge from the upstream to support
 FreeBSD-specific feature in the future (this is one of the reasons
 why it is not in contrib/).  It didn't happen so far, however.

 By the way, does gcc46 no longer allow unused code?  Generally
 speaking, I think it is enough to clean up unused code only when we
 actually change the code.

-- Hiroki
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