svn commit: r231939 - head/sys/net80211

Bruce Evans brde at
Mon Feb 20 17:57:17 UTC 2012

On Mon, 20 Feb 2012, Aleksandr Rybalko wrote:

> Log:
>  Remove redundant forward declaration of struct ieee80211com.

Thanks, but it now has 1 redundant forward declarations of this
instead of 2.  There is another section with 3 forward declarations
which are all redundant and bogus.

Since programmers apparently don't understand C's scope rules for
declarations of incomplete structs (these declarations declare just
the struct tag), it would be useful for the compiler to warn about bogus

The remaining 3 bogus ones are before a struct that uses pointers to
the incomplete structs for its struct members.  C's scope rules work
right in this case, and so any pointer declaration self-declares the
same incomplete struct that a previous forward declaration would (thus
any previous purely-forward declaration is bogus, and `any' applies to
all 3 here), and also forward-declares the incomplete struct for the
rest of the file (so any later forward declaration is bogus).

> Modified: head/sys/net80211/ieee80211_node.h
> ==============================================================================
> --- head/sys/net80211/ieee80211_node.h	Mon Feb 20 13:59:24 2012	(r231938)
> +++ head/sys/net80211/ieee80211_node.h	Mon Feb 20 15:05:21 2012	(r231939)
> @@ -299,8 +299,6 @@ ieee80211_unref_node(struct ieee80211_no
> 	*ni = NULL;			/* guard against use */
> }
> -struct ieee80211com;
> -
> void	ieee80211_node_attach(struct ieee80211com *);
> void	ieee80211_node_lateattach(struct ieee80211com *);
> void	ieee80211_node_detach(struct ieee80211com *);

OTOH, the scope rules for prototypes (and function definitions) don't
work right.  Any declaration of an incomplete struct in the function's
parameters is purely local to the extent that it doesn't affect the rest
of the file, and to go with this the declaration must be of a struct that
is incapable being passed, unless the struct has already been declared,
perhaps incompletely.  So some prototypes need an explicit forward
declaration of the struct which is sometimes placed just before the
prototype or at the beginning of a block of prototypes.  But in many
cases, such a declaration is bogus because the struct has already been
declared (incompletely and self-referentially) as part of the declaration
of a pointer struct member.  Normal order puts (complete) struct
declarations before prototypes and thus gives the declaration more
often than other orders would, and it is good to depend on it since
the need for forward declarations before prototypes is just a bug in
the scope rules for prototypes so we shouldn't have to write extra
code to work around it.

Compilers can be relied to warn about cases where the explicit forward
declarations are necessary, except in cases of header pollution where
most but not all of the necessary forward declarations are provided
accidentally by pollution in other headers (you start getting errors
if the pollution is fixed or moved, or if the application doesn't
happen to include enough headers to supply as much pollution as it
used to).  I usually find minimal sets of forard declarations by first
fixing all pollution and then compiling the header without any other
includes before it; then remove all forward declarations and add back
the ones that cause compilation failures.  Without fixing the pollution,
you can't rely on compilation failures to find all the necessary ones.

Pollution and non-pollution in other headers make it difficult for
a -Wbogus-declarations option to be made usable.  The -Wredundant-decls
options option is only for variables and prototypes, and is buggy
for non-redundant declarations where the declaration is built up,
with types and other qualities being completed at each step.
Considerable ifdefing was needed to make this usable in the FreeBSD
kernel, and it is only enabled by WARNS >= 6 in userland.  Similar
ifdefing for struct tags might be even more painful.  Now it is clearer
that some declarations are built up -- a full struct definition is
not redundant when it completes an incomplete struct declaration.
The self-forward declaration of "struct foo" in "struct foo *bar" is
never redundant, and it makes any previous forward declaration of
"struct foo" redundant, but the compiler can only usefully warn about
this if the previous one is guaranteed to be in scope (thus if it is
in another header, it may or not be bogus, depending on whether that
header always does it and is always included, and this is so in all
other headers).


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