svn commit: r223670 - head

Bjoern A. Zeeb bz at
Wed Jun 29 13:12:16 UTC 2011

Author: bz
Date: Wed Jun 29 13:12:15 2011
New Revision: 223670

  Clarify that we broke pfsync(4) backward compat with the pf commit r223637.
  Suggested by:	Anton Yuzhaninov (citrin


Modified: head/UPDATING
--- head/UPDATING	Wed Jun 29 13:06:42 2011	(r223669)
+++ head/UPDATING	Wed Jun 29 13:12:15 2011	(r223670)
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FreeBSD 9.
 	The packet filter (pf) code has been updated to OpenBSD 4.5.
 	You need to update userland tools to be in sync with kernel.
+	This update breaks backward compatibility with earlier pfsync(4)
+	versions.  Care must be taken when updating redundant firewall setups.
 	The following sysctls and tunables are retired on x86 platforms:

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