svn commit: r223350 - head/sys/dev/e1000

Guy Helmer guy.helmer at
Tue Jun 21 14:40:12 UTC 2011

On Jun 21, 2011, at 8:07 AM, John Baldwin wrote:

> On Monday, June 20, 2011 6:59:29 pm Jack F Vogel wrote:
>> Author: jfv
>> Date: Mon Jun 20 22:59:29 2011
>> New Revision: 223350
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>  Eliminate some global tuneables in favor of adapter-specific,
>>  particular flow control and dma coalesce. Also improve the
>>  sysctl operation on those too.
>>  Add IPv6 detection in the ioctl code, this was done for
>>  ixgbe first, carrying that over.
>>  Add resource ability to disable particular adapter.
>>  Add HW TSO capability so vlans can make use of TSO
> The tunables are useful for setting defaults for all interfaces. :(
> I use hw.igb.rx_processing_limit=-1 in loader.conf at work so that we can 
> ensure that all igb interfaces in a given system have that setting.   This is 
> more scalable than having to set the right number of entries in 
> /etc/sysctl.conf.local on different machines, etc, without spamming the 
> console during boot with warnings about tweaking non-existing sysctls, etc.
> Please consider keeping the tunables where the tunables are used to set
> default settings for all adapters from the loader but per-device sysctls are
> used post-boot to provide runtime, per-device settings.

I agree.


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