svn commit: r222449 - in head/sys: conf dev/iicbus powerpc/conf

Andreas Tobler andreast at
Sat Jun 4 09:45:46 UTC 2011


sorry for the delay.

On 29.05.11 17:10, Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
> Hi,
> On May 29, 2011, at 16:25, Andreas Tobler wrote:
>> Author: andreast
>> Date: Sun May 29 14:25:42 2011
>> New Revision: 222449
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>   Add a new driver, the ad7417, to read temperatures and voltages on some
>>   PowerMac's.
>>   Approved by:	nwhitehorn (mentor)
>> Added:
>>   head/sys/dev/iicbus/ad7417.c   (contents, props changed)
>> Modified:
>>   head/sys/conf/files.powerpc
>>   head/sys/powerpc/conf/GENERIC
>>   head/sys/powerpc/conf/GENERIC64
>>   head/sys/powerpc/conf/NOTES
> Since this driver is powerpc-only (the chip is not powerpc-specific - but this driver depends on OFW?) shouldn't it live somewhere under sys/powerpc/ instead of the generic sys/dev/iicbus/?
> Or perhaps be rewritten to a more generic form?

The chip itself is not PowerMac specific. It contains four times the 
functionality of the ad7418 which is already in there. (dev/iicbus)

The ofw is only needed to detect the chip and to wire the sensor place 
to the right fan property. I think this could be refactored that it is 
PowerMac only and others could benefit from the driver too.

The same would apply for the ds1775.c and the max6690.c. Those chips are 
not PowerMac only, they are simple i2c temp sensors.

To get there, it would really be helpful if there are other people with 
non PowerMac hardware who would have an interest in these drivers.
Then we could sit together, refactor and test. W/o the corresponding 
hardware it seems a bit difficult for me to test.

A few months ago I asked on hackers@ how I could combine those two 
drivers. I got no feedback.

Now we're heading towards 9.0 and we (nwhitehorn@) wanted to get this 
driver in. We need these drivers to run certain G5 PowerMac's in a 
silent mode.
W/o we have a swarm of bees which makes it very hard to concentrate ;)


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