svn commit: r224842 - head/sys/kern

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Aug 14 18:14:20 UTC 2011

On Sun, 14 Aug 2011, Niclas Zeising wrote:

>>   When falloc() was broken into separate falloc_noinstall() and finstall(),
>>   a bug was introduced in kern_openat() such that the error from the vnode
>>   open operation was overwritten before it was passed as an argument to
>>   dupfdopen().  This broke operations on /dev/{stdin,stdout,stderr}.  Fix
>>   by preserving the original error number across finstall() so that it is
>>   still available.
> It might be worth mentioning this in UPDATING or similar, since a kernel 
> built with clang (I haven't tried gcc) during this window will make it 
> impossible to do a buildworld without first rebuilding the kernel with this 
> fix. It also seems to break at least portsnap, and possibly other tools as 
> well.

I've queued an update request for UPDATING to re at .  I'm not sure that the gcc 
case was affected (which is to say: I'm not sure I've seen reports of it), but 
I don't know whether I've specifically tested that case.  I can go back and 
test it, but it seems easiest to instead just advise people to skip those revs 


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