svn commit: r224759 - head

Rong-En Fan rafan at
Wed Aug 10 15:49:25 UTC 2011

Author: rafan
Date: Wed Aug 10 15:49:24 2011
New Revision: 224759

  - Remove myself from ncurses maintainer due to ENOTIME
  Approved by:	re (kib@)


Modified: head/MAINTAINERS
--- head/MAINTAINERS	Wed Aug 10 15:19:14 2011	(r224758)
+++ head/MAINTAINERS	Wed Aug 10 15:49:24 2011	(r224759)
@@ -115,7 +115,6 @@ lib/libsdp		emax	Pre-commit review prefe
 usr.bin/bluetooth	emax	Pre-commit review preferred.
 usr.sbin/bluetooth	emax	Pre-commit review preferred.
 gnu/usr.bin/send-pr	bugmaster	Pre-commit review requested.
-ncurses		rafan	Heads-up appreciated, try not to break it.
 *env(3)		secteam	Due to the problematic security history of this
 			code, please have patches reviewed by secteam.
 share/zoneinfo		edwin	Heads-up appreciated, since our data is coming

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