svn commit: r224691 - in head/lib/libarchive: . test

Test Rat ttsestt at
Sun Aug 7 09:35:07 UTC 2011

Martin Matuska <mm at> writes:

> Author: mm
> Date: Sun Aug  7 08:42:36 2011
> New Revision: 224691
> URL:
> Log:
>   Add compatibility for ISO images created with unfixed makefs that
>   violated ECMA-119 (ISO9660): allow reserved4 to be 0x20 in PVD.
>   This allows tar to read FreeBSD distribution ISO images created
>   with makefs prior to NetBSD bin/45217 bugfix (up to 9.0-BETA1).
>   In addition, merge following important bugfixes from
>   libarchive's release/2.8 branch:

Can you also merge libarchive/trunk at 2431? It should fix a bug uncovered
by /head at 207790 and reported in bin/149409 which is still more easily
reproducable on /head than on /stable/8.

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