svn commit: r213812 - head/sys/dev/bge

Pyun YongHyeon yongari at
Wed Oct 13 22:29:50 UTC 2010

Author: yongari
Date: Wed Oct 13 22:29:48 2010
New Revision: 213812

  Fix a regression introduced in r213710. r213710 removed the use of
  auto polling such that it made all controllers obtain link status
  information from the state of the LNKRDY input signal. Broadcom
  recommends disabling auto polling such that driver should rely on
  PHY interrupts for link status change indications. Unfortunately it
  seems some controllers(BCM5703, BCM5704 and BCM5705) have PHY
  related issues so Linux took other approach to workaround it.
  bge(4) didn't follow that and it used to enable auto polling to
  workaround it. Restore this old behavior for BCM5700 family
  controllers and BCM5705 to use auto polling. For BCM5700 and
  BCM5701, it seems it does not need to enable auto polling but I
  restored it for safety.
  Special thanks to marius who tried lots of patches with patience.
  Reported by:	marius
  Tested by:	marius


Modified: head/sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c
--- head/sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c	Wed Oct 13 22:18:03 2010	(r213811)
+++ head/sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c	Wed Oct 13 22:29:48 2010	(r213812)
@@ -2012,6 +2012,10 @@ bge_blockinit(struct bge_softc *sc)
 	if (sc->bge_flags & BGE_FLAG_TBI) {
 	} else {
+		if (sc->bge_mi_mode & BGE_MIMODE_AUTOPOLL) {
+			CSR_WRITE_4(sc, BGE_MI_MODE, sc->bge_mi_mode);
+			DELAY(80);
+		}
 		if (sc->bge_asicrev == BGE_ASICREV_BCM5700 &&
 		    sc->bge_chipid != BGE_CHIPID_BCM5700_B2)
@@ -2677,6 +2681,9 @@ bge_attach(device_t dev)
 		sc->bge_mi_mode = BGE_MIMODE_500KHZ_CONST;
 		sc->bge_mi_mode = BGE_MIMODE_BASE;
+	/* Enable auto polling for BCM570[0-5]. */
+	if (BGE_IS_5700_FAMILY(sc) || sc->bge_asicrev == BGE_ASICREV_BCM5705)
+		sc->bge_mi_mode |= BGE_MIMODE_AUTOPOLL;
 	 * All controllers that are not 5755 or higher have 4GB

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