svn commit: r207472 - in head/sys: conf dev/ath/ath_hal/ar5212

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun May 2 01:51:11 UTC 2010

In message: <9624CC6A-EEB1-4492-9E62-7ACD0BF6F39C at>
            "Daniel O'Connor" <doconnor at> writes:
: On 02/05/2010, at 2:06 AM, Warner Losh wrote:
: >  Unfortunately, this condition is impossible to detect at runtime
: >  without MIPS specific ifdefs.  Rather than cast an overly-broad net
: >  like Linux/OpenWRT dues (which enables this workaround all the time on
: >  MIPS32 platforms), we put this option in the kernel for just the
: >  affected machines.  Sam didn't like this aspect of the patch when he
: >  reviewed it, and I'd love to hear sane proposals on how to fix it :)
: Could you do TUNABLE_INT in the MIPS code and TUNABLE_INT_FETCH in ath_hal?

How is that better than a kernel option?  The only place this would
ever happen is atheros AR71xx SoC.  It isn't like some of the Atheros
71xx SoCs would have it and some wouldn't.

And besides, kenv has to be compiled into the kernel on MIPS these

The only thing close to an idea I've had is to add:

__weak int
	return 0;

and have this in the mips:

int needs_ath_dma_war = 0;
__weak int ath_needs_dma_war()
	return needs_ath_dma_war;

and set it to 1 in the AR71xx CPU initialization.  But that seemed
kind of lame...


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