svn commit: r205307 - head/sys/i386/conf

b. f. bf1783 at
Fri Mar 19 07:59:00 UTC 2010

>Author: delphij
>Date: Fri Mar 19 01:16:53 2010
>New Revision: 205307
>  SSE is enabled by default about 5 years ago so there is no point pretending
>  that we support I486 and I586 CPUs in the GENERIC kernel, users wants these
>  support would have to build a custom kernel to explicitly disable SSE
>  anyways.

Could you please elaborate?  I thought that, though a bit less
efficient than using the non-default kernel option CPU_DISABLE_SSE for
machines without SSE, there is still the tunable hw.instruction_sse
that allows users with these machines to use GENERIC.  Is this
incorrect, or are there other problems for [45]86?


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