svn commit: r202519 - head/sbin/geom/class/mountver

Christian Brueffer brueffer at
Sun Jan 17 19:33:32 UTC 2010

Author: brueffer
Date: Sun Jan 17 19:33:32 2010
New Revision: 202519

  Small fixes.


Modified: head/sbin/geom/class/mountver/gmountver.8
--- head/sbin/geom/class/mountver/gmountver.8	Sun Jan 17 19:24:30 2010	(r202518)
+++ head/sbin/geom/class/mountver/gmountver.8	Sun Jan 17 19:33:32 2010	(r202519)
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
-utility is used to control mount verification GEOM class.
+utility is used to control the mount verification GEOM class.
 When configured, it passes all the I/O requests to the underlying provider.
 When the underlying provider disappears - for example because the disk device
 got disconnected - it queues all the I/O requests and waits for the provider
@@ -111,9 +111,10 @@ This can be set to a number between 0 an
 If set to 0 minimal debug information is printed, and if set to 3 the
 maximum amount of debug information is printed.
 .It Va kern.geom.mountver.check.check_ident : No 1
-This can be set to 0 or 1.  If set to 0,
+This can be set to 0 or 1.
+If set to 0,
-will reattach to the device even if the device reports different disk ID.
+will reattach to the device even if the device reports a different disk ID.
 Exit status is 0 on success, and 1 if the command fails.

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