svn commit: r198044 - head/sys/arm/conf

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed Oct 14 02:49:41 UTC 2009

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            John Baldwin <jhb at> writes:
: On Tuesday 13 October 2009 3:04:01 pm John Baldwin wrote:
: > Author: jhb
: > Date: Tue Oct 13 19:04:01 2009
: > New Revision: 198044
: > URL:
: > 
: > Log:
: >   Sync with other GENERIC kernel configs:
: >   - Move USB serial drivers earlier to match their placement in other kernel
: >     configs.
: >   - Add descriptions to various USB drivers.
: >   - Move the USB wireless drivers into a new section.
: >   - Add ulscom to the list of USB serial drivers.
: I do wonder if it is time to have some files like 'sys/conf/std.usb.serial' 
: that list all the USB serial drivers so that we only have one list of instead 
: of N to ease future maintenance.  Similiar arguments could be made 
: for 'std.usb.wireless' and 'std.usb.ethernet' perhaps.

I've tried this in the past... Having multiple attributes in the
filename helps.  but std.ethernet likely is a bad idea since that
means it needs to include usb.ethernet and you can't easily exclude

I've often thought that it would be cool to tag each device with one
or more attributes so we could easily include all devices with the
attribute, and also be able to report attribute based things...


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