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Tue Oct 13 22:37:53 UTC 2009

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Erik Trulsson wrote:

ET> > ET> (There might also be some motherboard out there that has ISA-slots and 
ET> > ET> supports amd64-capable CPUs but one will have to look fairly hard to find 
ET> > ET> one.)
ET> > 
ET> > Oh, I would love to see at least a photo of such a beast ;-)
ET> Turned out to Actually be surprisingly easy to find with Google. Take a good look:
ET> That motherboard supports modern Core2{Quad,Duo} CPUs and has an ISA-slot.

Yes, embedded/industrial needs are quite different from usual/casual; I totally 
forgot about these areas.

ET> > (As for my experience, the highest CPU on a mobo with [E]ISA slots were Intel 
ET> > Pentium, or similar AMD K6)
ET> The most modern mainboard with an ISA-slot that I have actually held in my own
ET> hands supports dual Pentium-III (Socket 370) CPUs.
ET> I know that there also exist mainboards for Pentium-4 (Socket 478) and
ET> Athlon (Socket A) CPUs that have ISA-slots.

Well, there avoid me; however, I vaguely remember i686 (aka PentiumPro[tm]) 
servers with EISA in our colleagues' office back in late 90's...

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