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Ivan Voras ivoras at
Fri Mar 20 15:54:30 PDT 2009

2009/3/20 Jeremy Lea <reg at>:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 09:51:27PM +0000, Ivan Voras wrote:
>> +20090320:
>> +     GEOM_PART has become the default partition slicer for storage devices,
>> +     replacing GEOM_MBR, GEOM_BSD, GEOM_PC98 and GEOM_GPT slicers. It
>> +     introduces some changes: the devices created from MSDOS extended
>> +     partition entries (EBR) can be named differently than with GEOM_MBR
>> +     and are now symlinks to devices with offset-based names, and kernel
>> +     dumps are now not allowed to be written to devices whose partition
>> +     types indicate they are meant to be used for file systems.
>> +
> This should probably also note the issue with stale disklabels from old
> DD mode disks, which causes the machine to be unbootable.  It should
> also mention the "geometry does not match label (255h,63s != 16h,63s)"
> message (which appears to be harmless), and it should also probably
> mention that the c partition now covers the entire disk, not just the
> "DOS partition"...  And it should be noted that these changes took place
> in Decemeber, so that people have a better chance of knowing if they are
> going to be bitten.

Ok. Should I re-sort the note into December (probably not since it
mentions development from a large period) or just mention it in text?

@Marcel: is the warning important (I didn't encounter it yet; I guess
it probably a quirk of UFS?) and is the "c" change intended? (isn't it
time to abandon the special case of "c"?)

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