svn commit: r190031 - head/etc/defaults

Dag-Erling Smorgrav des at
Thu Mar 19 05:48:01 PDT 2009

Author: des
Date: Thu Mar 19 12:48:00 2009
New Revision: 190031

  Revert r188010.  When dhclient is backgrounded, services such as ntpdate,
  sendmail / postfix etc. may fail to start because DNS is unavailable and /
  or the server is unreachable.  In the worst case, the machine may become
  Debugging this issue was far more difficult than it should have been, due
  to earlier changes to the rc framework to hide almost all useful information
  about the boot process.
  Approved by:	silence


Modified: head/etc/defaults/rc.conf
--- head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Thu Mar 19 12:39:13 2009	(r190030)
+++ head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Thu Mar 19 12:48:00 2009	(r190031)
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ nisdomainname="NO"		# Set to NIS domain 
 dhclient_program="/sbin/dhclient"	# Path to dhcp client program.
 dhclient_flags=""		# Extra flags to pass to dhcp client.
 #dhclient_flags_fxp0=""		# Extra dhclient flags for fxp0 only
-background_dhclient="YES"	# Start dhcp client in the background.
+background_dhclient="NO"	# Start dhcp client in the background.
 #background_dhclient_fxp0="YES"	# Start dhcp client on fxp0 in the background.
 synchronous_dhclient="NO"	# Start dhclient directly on configured
 				# interfaces during startup.

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