AW: svn commit: r195200 - in head/usr.sbin: . wake

Marc Balmer marc at
Wed Jul 1 06:13:32 UTC 2009

Am 01.07.2009 um 07:04 schrieb Blapp, Martin:

> Hi folks,
> I really was not my or Marcs intention to skip any discussions.  
> Rwatson told us that
> if we like to see it in 8.0, we need to approve it by RE and commit  
> it before the 1. of july,
> and that's what I've done. Sorry if I've upset anyone.
> Personally I think the tool is quite handy, better than net/wol  
> (which doesn't seem to
> work with different interfaces), wake doesn't need any strange  
> libaries as dependencies
> and it just a very short one (4k)
> If the concensus is to back it out, I'll back it out.

The only thing I can say is that this code has been around since quite  
some time and is in use at many places without any problems.  This is  
nothing big, actually really small, but it is really useful.  And  
since Wake-on-LAN is now in almost all computers I think having a tool  
to use it is justified. This little command can not make your computer  
crash, nor cause any problems, so I really do not fully understand why  
all the fuss around it (e.g. I find that some people are exaggerating  
a little bit, given how small of an addition wake(8) actually is).

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