svn commit: r188464 - head/sys/kern

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Feb 11 06:50:16 PST 2009

On Tuesday 10 February 2009 6:22:29 pm Alexander Motin wrote:
> Author: mav
> Date: Tue Feb 10 23:22:29 2009
> New Revision: 188464
> URL:
> Log:
>   Check for device_set_devclass() errors and skip driver probe/attach if 
>   Attach call without devclass set crashes the system.
>   On resume AHCI driver sometimes tries to create duplicate adX device.
>   It is surely his own problem, but IMHO it is not a reason to crash here.
>   Other reasons are also possible.

Can you describe the problem a bit more fully?  Is the ata driver adding a 
device with a fixed unit number but a wildcard class?  (That is, it is doing 
something like 'device_add_child(dev, NULL, 4)'?)

John Baldwin

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