svn commit: r188439 - head/release

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Feb 10 07:53:56 PST 2009

2009/2/10 Ken Smith <kensmith at>:

> I wouldn't mind if it got turned on but that's just the first of two
> questions.  The second question is what to set it to.  What's best for
> that depends on how many CPUs you've got and/or how much of your machine
> you want the build to consume (you might want to be doing other stuff on
> the machine while the build is running...).  IMHO it might be best to
> just leave it as-is and let anyone interested in getting better
> performance set it to what's appropriate for their machine but if others
> feel differently I won't object.

I was think more about the semi-supported state that the -jX
traditionally has - it's usually something like "yes, it's there and
probably everyone uses it but we won't even suggest it actually
works". Having it on in the official release process will signal
official support to users and encourage them to use it.

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