svn commit: r200563 - in head/etc: mtree namedb

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Dec 15 13:12:11 PST 2009

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Doug Barton wrote:
>>  The named process needs to have a "working directory" that it can
>>  write to. This is specified in "options { directory }" in named.conf.
>>  So, create /etc/namedb/working with appropriate permissions, and
>>  update the entry in named.conf to match.
>>  In addition to specifying the working directory, file and path names
>>  in named.conf can be specified relative to the directory listed.
>>  However, since that directory is now different from /etc/namedb
>>  (where the configuration, zone, rndc.*, and other files are located)
>>  further update named.conf to specify all file names with fully
>>  qualified paths. Also update the comment about file and path names
>>  so users know this should be done for all file/path names in the file.
>>  This change will eliminate the 'working directory is not writable'
>>  messages at boot time without sacrificing security. It will also
>>  allow for features in newer versions of BIND (9.7+) to work as
>>  designed.
> On a couple of occasions, I've found myself trying to help people get
> BIND to core dump on a bug, which is a bit tricky in practice.  It
> involves setting appropriate sysctls so that sugid processes generate
> cores, arranging for a writable core dump directory in the chroot and
> setting a sysctl so it is found, etc.  Does this change simplify that
> process down to "enable core dump for sugid processes"? 

It should, yes. I was able to test all the other use cases for an
unprivileged named process so I have every reason to believe that
dumping a core will work too.



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