the need for safe dynamic string libraries (was Re: svn commit: r200157 - head/bin/date)

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Mon Dec 7 12:40:00 UTC 2009

In message <20091207122256.GC64431 at>, Luigi Rizzo writes:

>right, then some other commonly used but not locked-by-standards place.
>libutil? libbsdstuffnotstandardizedbyposix ?

I would be very happy to see a libposux, even more so, if the content
were standardized across Linux and FreeBSD.

>Again my point (perhaps lost in the initial thread) was that the number
>of one-file libraries used in our base code is increasing:
>	libsbuf, libjail, libbsdxml...
>to me, individual files are library members, there is no need to
>dedicate an entire library to a library member

Remember that shared libraries, you load all or nothing.

With old fashioned .a libs, you cherrypicked the bits you needed.

It can be argued that we should just dump everything in libc, but
first, that would impair portability from FreeBSD, and second, it
would be just plain sloppy...


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