svn commit: r191568 - in head/sys/dev/ata: . chipsets

Alexander Motin mav at
Mon Apr 27 17:39:51 UTC 2009

Jung-uk Kim wrote:
> Author: jkim
> Date: Mon Apr 27 17:29:51 2009
> New Revision: 191568
> URL:
> Log:
>   - Always force AHCI mode on a ATI/AMD SB600/700/800 SATA controller.  These
>   controllers may be configured as legacy IDE mode by modifying subclass and
>   progif without actually changing PCI device IDs.  Instead of complicating
>   code, we always force AHCI mode while probing.  Also we restore AHCI mode
>   while resuming per ATI/AMD register programming/requirement guides.
>   - Fix SB700/800 "combined" mode.  Unlike SB600, this PATA controller can
>   combine two SATA ports and emulate one PATA channel as primary or secondary
>   depending on BIOS configuration.  When the combined mode is disabled, this
>   channel disappears and it works just like SB600 PATA controller, however.
>   - Add more PCI device IDs for SB700/800 and adjust device descriptions.
>   SB800 shares the same PCI device IDs and added two more SATA IDs.


Alexander Motin

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