svn commit: r185499 - head

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Thu Dec 4 08:35:43 PST 2008

* Dag-Erling Sm??rgrav <des at> [081204 04:42] wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein <alfred at> writes:
> > There is a 'tinderbox' target, which is named so that when someone
> > says "gee, I wonder how to satisfy the tinderbox" they do not need
> > to read a wiki, blog, handbook, manpage, check IRC, news group
> > or mailing list archive to figure out, they can just run it and
> > get something that makes sense.
> Please, let's not go there again.  You know perfectly well that the
> tinderbox simply runs 'make buildworld'.  It is no harder or easier to
> satisfy than our users.

Really?  So a person on a i386 platform that touches let's say
src/sys/proc.h will have quality checked via "make buildworld"
to the degree that they know it won't break all other platforms

- Alfred Perlstein

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