svn commit: r232914 - head/sys/mips/atheros

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Tue Mar 13 06:28:53 UTC 2012

Author: adrian
Date: Tue Mar 13 06:28:52 2012
New Revision: 232914

  Fix link status handling on if_arge upon system boot to allow bootp/NFS to
  From the submitter:
  This patch fixes an issue I encountered using an NFS root with an
  ar71xx-based MikroTik RouterBoard 450G on -current where the kernel fails
  to contact a DHCP/BOOTP server via if_arge when it otherwise should be able
  to.  This may be the same issue that Monthadar Al Jaberi reported against
  an RSPRO on 6 March, as the signature is the same:
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  arge0: initialization failed: no memory for rx buffers
  DHCP/BOOTP timeout for server
  arge0: initialization failed: no memory for rx buffers
  The primary issue that I found is that the DHCP/BOOTP message that
  bootpc_call() is sending never makes it onto the wire, which I believe is
  due to the following:
  - Last December, a change was made to the ifioctl that bootpc_call() uses
  to adjust the netmask around the sosend().
  - The new ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR) performs an if_init when invoked, whereas the
  old one (SIOCSIFNETMASK) did not.
  - if_arge maintains its own sense of link state in sc->arge_link_status.
  - On a single-phy interface, sc->arge_link_status is initialized to 0 in
  - sc->arge_link_status remains 0 until a phy state change notification
  causes arge_link_task to run, notice the link is up, and set it to 1.
  - The inits caused by the ifioctls in bootpc_call are reinitializing the
  interface, but not the phy, so sc->arge_link_status goes to 0 and remains
  - arge_start_locked() always sees sc->arge_link_status == 0 and returns
  without queuing anything.
  The attached patch changes arge_init_locked() such that in the single-phy
  case, instead of initializing sc->arge_link_status to 0, it runs
  arge_link_task() to set it according to the current phy state.  This change
  has allowed my setup to mount an NFS root successfully.
  Submitted by:	Patrick Kelsey <kelsey at>
  Reviewed by:	juli


Modified: head/sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c
--- head/sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c	Tue Mar 13 06:22:49 2012	(r232913)
+++ head/sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c	Tue Mar 13 06:28:52 2012	(r232914)
@@ -110,6 +110,7 @@ static int arge_ioctl(struct ifnet *, u_
 static void arge_init(void *);
 static void arge_init_locked(struct arge_softc *);
 static void arge_link_task(void *, int);
+static void arge_update_link_locked(struct arge_softc *sc);
 static void arge_set_pll(struct arge_softc *, int, int);
 static int arge_miibus_readreg(device_t, int, int);
 static void arge_miibus_statchg(device_t);
@@ -684,13 +685,20 @@ static void
 arge_link_task(void *arg, int pending)
 	struct arge_softc	*sc;
+	sc = (struct arge_softc *)arg;
+	ARGE_LOCK(sc);
+	arge_update_link_locked(sc);
+static void
+arge_update_link_locked(struct arge_softc *sc)
 	struct mii_data		*mii;
 	struct ifnet		*ifp;
 	uint32_t		media, duplex;
-	sc = (struct arge_softc *)arg;
-	ARGE_LOCK(sc);
 	mii = device_get_softc(sc->arge_miibus);
 	ifp = sc->arge_ifp;
 	if (mii == NULL || ifp == NULL ||
@@ -708,10 +716,10 @@ arge_link_task(void *arg, int pending)
 			duplex = mii->mii_media_active & IFM_GMASK;
 			arge_set_pll(sc, media, duplex);
-	} else
+	} else {
 		sc->arge_link_status = 0;
+	}
 static void
@@ -853,7 +861,6 @@ arge_init_locked(struct arge_softc *sc)
 	if (sc->arge_miibus) {
-		sc->arge_link_status = 0;
 		mii = device_get_softc(sc->arge_miibus);
@@ -867,8 +874,10 @@ arge_init_locked(struct arge_softc *sc)
 	ifp->if_drv_flags |= IFF_DRV_RUNNING;
 	ifp->if_drv_flags &= ~IFF_DRV_OACTIVE;
-	if (sc->arge_miibus)
+	if (sc->arge_miibus) {
 		callout_reset(&sc->arge_stat_callout, hz, arge_tick, sc);
+		arge_update_link_locked(sc);
+	}

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