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Sun Jan 8 13:54:09 UTC 2012

Author: hrs
Date: Sun Jan  8 13:54:08 2012
New Revision: 229812

  Add relnotes items:
  	igb(4) Intel I350 GbE support,
  	re(4) TX IP checksum disabled on RTL8168C-based cards,
  	cc(9) TCP congestion control algorithm framework added,
  	gpart(8) various aliases and bios-boot GUID added,
  	FFS SU+J added,
  	more kern.features.* for UFS-related features,
  	hastd(8) drops root privilege in worker processes,
  	newsyslog(8) xz compression support added,
  	ppp(8) iface name and iface description commands added,
  	sh(1) arithmetic expression handling updated,
  	ISC BIND to 9.8.1-P1, and


Modified: stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml
--- stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Sun Jan  8 13:51:09 2012	(r229811)
+++ stable/9/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Sun Jan  8 13:54:08 2012	(r229812)
@@ -218,6 +218,9 @@
 	    could make AR8152-based network interfaces stop working
 	    has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para revision="218530">The &man.igb.4; driver now supports
+	    Intel I350 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet controller.</para>
 	  <para revision="217593">The &man.ixgbe.4; driver has been
 	    updated to version 2.3.8.</para>
@@ -265,9 +268,12 @@
 	    disabled by default because broken frames can be sent
 	    under certain conditions.</para>
-	  <para revision="217381">The &; driver now supports
-	    enabling TX and/or RX checksum offloading independently
-	    from each other.</para>
+	  <para revision="217381,218289">The &; driver now
+	    supports enabling TX and/or RX checksum offloading
+	    independently from each other.  Note that TX IP checksum
+	    is disabled on some RTL8168C-based network interfaces
+	    because it can generate an wrong IP checksum when the
+	    packet contains IP options.</para>
 	  <para revision="217296">A bug in the &; driver has
 	    been fixed.  It could cause a panic when receiving a jumbo
@@ -315,11 +321,39 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	  been fixed.  The source address selection could not being
 	  performed when multicast options were present but without an
 	  interface being specified.</para>
+	<para revision="216109,216114,216115,218152,218153,218155">
+	  &os; TCP/IP network stack now supports &; pluggable
+	  congestion control framework.  This allows TCP congestion
+	  control algorithms to be implemented as dynamically loadable
+	  kernel modules.  The following kernel modules are available
+	  as of &release.current;: &; for
+	  CAIA-Hamilton-Delay algorithm, &; for CUBIC
+	  algorithm, &; for Hamilton-Delay algorithm,
+	  &; for H-TCP algorithm, &; for
+	  NewReno algorithm, and &; for Vegas algorithm.
+	  The default algorithm can be set by a new &man.sysctl.8;
+	  variable <varname></varname>.  The
+	  value must be set to one of the names listed by the
+	  <varname></varname>, and
+	  <literal>newreno</literal> is set at boot time.  For more
+	  detail, see &; manual page.</para>
     <sect3 id="disks">
       <title>Disks and Storage</title>
+	<para revision="218014">The &man.gpart.8; GEOM class now
+	  supports the following aliases for the MBR and EBR schemes:
+	  <literal>fat32</literal>, <literal>ebr</literal>,
+	  <literal>linux-data</literal>,
+	  <literal>linux-raid</literal>, and
+	  <literal>linux-swap</literal>.</para>
+	<para revision="218014">The &man.gpart.8; GEOM class now
+	  supports <literal>bios-boot</literal> GUID for the GPT
+	  scheme which is used in GRUB 2 loader.</para>
 	<para revision="216793">The &; memory-backed pseudo disk
 	  device driver now supports a &man.sysctl.8; variable
 	  <varname>vm.md_malloc_wait</varname> to specify whether a
@@ -338,6 +372,17 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
     <sect3 id="fs">
       <title>File Systems</title>
+	<para revision="207141">The &os; Fast File System now supports
+	  softupdates journaling.  It introduces a intent log into a
+	  softupdates-enabled file system which eliminates the need
+	  for background &man.fsck.8; even on unclean shutdown.  This
+	  can be enabled in a per-filesystem basis by using a
+	  <option>-j</option> flag in the &man.newfs.8; utility or a
+	  <option>-j enable</option> option in the &man.tunefs.8;
+	  utility.  Note that the &release.current; installer
+	  automatically enables the softupdates journaling for
+	  newly-created UFS file systems.</para>
 	<para revision="216796">The &os; Fast File System now supports
 	  <literal>TRIM</literal> command when freeing data blocks.  A
 	  new flag <option>-t</option> in the &man.newfs.8; and
@@ -347,8 +392,22 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	  block.  The <literal>TRIM</literal> command is specified as
 	  Data Set Management Command in ATA8-ACS2 standard to carry
 	  the information related to deleted data blocks to device,
-	  especially for SSD (Solid-State Drive) for optimization.
-	  </para>
+	  especially for SSD (Solid-State Drive) for optimization.</para>
+	<para revision="218485">The following &man.sysctl.8; variables
+	  for showing availability of UFS-related feature on the
+	  system have been added:
+	  <varname>kern.features.ufs_acl</varname> for ACL (Access
+	  Control List) support in UFS,
+	  <varname>kern.features.ufs_gjournal</varname> for journaling
+	  support through &man.gjournal.8; for UFS,
+	  <varname>kern.features.ufs_quota</varname> for UFS disk
+	  quotas support, <varname>kern.features.ufs_quota64</varname>
+	  for 64-bit UFS disk quotas support,
+	  <varname>kern.features.softupdates</varname> for FFS
+	  soft-updates support, and
+	  <varname>kern.features.ffs_snapshot</varname> for FFS
+	  snapshot support.</para>
@@ -366,6 +425,10 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	could prevent <command>STAT</command> FTP command from working
 	properly has been fixed.</para>
+      <para revision="218049">The &man.hastd.8; utility now drops
+	<literal>root</literal> privileges of the worker processes to
+	<literal>hast</literal> user.</para>
       <para revision="217013">The &man.ifconfig.8; utility now
 	supports <literal>fdx</literal>, <literal>flow</literal>,
 	<literal>hdx</literal>, and <literal>loop</literal> keywords
@@ -380,11 +443,24 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	of <command>netstat -ani</command> and <command>netstat
+      <para revision="218127">The &man.newsyslog.8; utility now
+	supports &man.xz.1; compression.  An <literal>X</literal> flag
+	in the optional field has been added to specify the
+	compression.</para>
       <para revision="216823">A &man.poweroff.8; utility has been added.
 	This is equivalent to:</para>
       <screen>&prompt.root; shutdown -p now</screen>
+      <para revision="218397">The &man.ppp.8; utility now supports
+	<command>iface name <replaceable>name</replaceable></command>
+	and <command>iface description
+	<replaceable>description</replaceable></command> commands.
+	These have the same functionalities as <literal>name</literal>
+	and <literal>description</literal> subcommands in the
+	&man.ifconfig.8; utility.</para>
       <para revision="216695">The &man.rtld.1; runtime linker now supports
 	shared objects as filters in ELF shared libraries.  Both
 	standard and auxiliary filtering have been supported.  The
@@ -421,7 +497,7 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	printed to <filename>stdout</filename> about this. The buffer
 	was not flushed after this which could result in the message
 	being written to the wrong file if the next command was a
-	builtin and had <filename>stdout</filename> redirected.</para>
+	built-in and had <filename>stdout</filename> redirected.</para>
       <para revision="217461">The &; program now supports a
 	<option>--</option> flag in <command>trap</command> command to
@@ -433,6 +509,13 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
 	found before looking up directories in
+      <para revision="218466">Arithmetic expression handling code in
+	the &; program has been updated by importing code from
+	<application>dash</application>.  It now supports conditional
+	operator (<literal>?:</literal>) and a bug in evaluation of
+	&amp;&amp; and || around an arithmetic expression has been
+	fixed.</para>
     <sect3 id="rc-scripts">
       <title><filename>/etc/rc.d</filename> Scripts</title>
@@ -446,9 +529,16 @@ wpi0: wpi_rx_intr: bus_dmamap_load faile
       <para revision="222544"><literal>ACPI CA</literal> has been
 	updated to version 20110527.</para>
+      <para revision="228189"><application>ISC BIND</application> has
+	been updated to version 9.8.1-P1.</para>
       <para revision="224014"><literal>dialog</literal> has been
 	updated to version 1.1-20110707.</para>
+      <para revision="218122">The <application>timezone</application>
+	database has been updated to the
+	<application>tzdata2011a</application> release.</para>
       <para revision="217698">&man.unifdef.1; utility has been updated
 	to version 2.5.6.</para>

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