svn commit: r229273 - in stable/9/sys: conf modules/aic7xxx/ahc/ahc_pci modules/aic7xxx/ahd

Dimitry Andric dim at
Mon Jan 2 12:50:20 UTC 2012

Author: dim
Date: Mon Jan  2 12:50:19 2012
New Revision: 229273

  MFC r228779:
    Start selectively disabling a few kernel build warnings for clang, since
    there are some places in the kernel where fixing them is too disruptive,
    or where there is a false positive.
    In this case, disable -Wconstant-conversion for two aic7xxx-related
    files, as they get the following warning on i386 (and possibly on other
    32-bit arches):
    sys/dev/aic7xxx/ahc_pci.c:112:10: warning: implicit conversion from 'long long' to 'bus_addr_t' (aka 'unsigned int') changes value from 549755813887 to 4294967295 [-Wconstant-conversion]
                                       ? 0x7FFFFFFFFFLL
    This is a false positive, since the code only passes the 0x7FFFFFFFFFLL
    argument, if sizeof(bus_addr_t) is larger than 4 (e.g. on 64 bit arches,
    or when PAE is enabled on i386).  The code could be refactored to do
    compile-time checks, but that is more disruptive.
  MFC r228789:
    Amend r228779 by also disabling -Wconstant-conversion warnings for the
    aic7xxx module.
  MFC r228805:
    Disable -Wconstant-conversion warnings for the aic7xxx module in a more
    fine-grained way: only add the option for the specific .c files that
    need them, like via sys/conf/files.

Directory Properties:
  stable/9/sys/   (props changed)
  stable/9/sys/conf/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/9/sys/conf/files
--- stable/9/sys/conf/files	Mon Jan  2 12:12:10 2012	(r229272)
+++ stable/9/sys/conf/files	Mon Jan  2 12:50:19 2012	(r229273)
@@ -505,8 +505,10 @@ dev/aic/aic.c			optional aic
 dev/aic/aic_pccard.c		optional aic pccard
 dev/aic7xxx/ahc_eisa.c		optional ahc eisa
 dev/aic7xxx/ahc_isa.c		optional ahc isa
-dev/aic7xxx/ahc_pci.c		optional ahc pci
-dev/aic7xxx/ahd_pci.c		optional ahd pci
+dev/aic7xxx/ahc_pci.c		optional ahc pci \
+dev/aic7xxx/ahd_pci.c		optional ahd pci \
 dev/aic7xxx/aic7770.c		optional ahc
 dev/aic7xxx/aic79xx.c		optional ahd pci
 dev/aic7xxx/aic79xx_osm.c	optional ahd pci

Modified: stable/9/sys/conf/
--- stable/9/sys/conf/	Mon Jan  2 12:12:10 2012	(r229272)
+++ stable/9/sys/conf/	Mon Jan  2 12:50:19 2012	(r229273)
@@ -11,6 +11,13 @@ CWARNFLAGS?=	-Wall -Wredundant-decls -Wn
 # The following flags are next up for working on:
 #	-Wextra
+# Disable a few warnings for clang, since there are several places in the
+# kernel where fixing them is more trouble than it is worth, or where there is
+# a false positive.
+.if ${CC:T:Mclang} == "clang"
+NO_WCONSTANT_CONVERSION=	-Wno-constant-conversion
 # On i386, do not align the stack to 16-byte boundaries.  Otherwise GCC 2.95
 # and above adds code to the entry and exit point of every function to align the

Modified: stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahc/ahc_pci/Makefile
--- stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahc/ahc_pci/Makefile	Mon Jan  2 12:12:10 2012	(r229272)
+++ stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahc/ahc_pci/Makefile	Mon Jan  2 12:50:19 2012	(r229273)
@@ -14,3 +14,6 @@ SRCS+=	opt_scsi.h opt_cam.h opt_aic7xxx.
 CFLAGS+= -I${.CURDIR}/../../../../dev/aic7xxx -I..
 .include <>

Modified: stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahd/Makefile
--- stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahd/Makefile	Mon Jan  2 12:12:10 2012	(r229272)
+++ stable/9/sys/modules/aic7xxx/ahd/Makefile	Mon Jan  2 12:50:19 2012	(r229273)
@@ -36,3 +36,6 @@ SRCS+= device_if.h bus_if.h pci_if.h
 .include <>

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