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Thu Nov 17 03:10:47 UTC 2011

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Ken Smith <kensmith at> writes:

>> >> +: ${RELSTRING=`chroot $2 uname -s`-`chroot $2 uname -r`-`chroot $2 uname -p`}
>> > Should this be 'uname -m' rather than 'uname -p'?
>> There isn't a good option here when there is only one tag -- most of the 
>> time, I imagine this will get specified in the builder's environment. I 
>> picked uname -p because there are more possibilities than uname -m: it 
>> breaks the degeneracies for PPC, ARM, and MIPS, leaving only one for 
>> i386/pc98. uname -m would have been the other way around.

I see.

> Or both?  We're heading in the direction of having both for the FTP
> server tree.
> Kinda gross but "FBSD-9.0-RELEASE-amd64-amd64-bootonly.iso"?  I don't
> see a good option among the three possibilities, which are:
> 	1) uname -m only
> 	2) uname -p only
> 	3) both
> Option 3 at least has the benefit of not being abiguous and covers all
> the possibilities for builds given the new infrastructure.

I think that the same scheme as the FTP site is better.  So I choose
(3) option.

TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro <nyan at>

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