svn commit: r219530 - head/contrib/binutils/bfd

Marius Strobl marius at
Fri Mar 11 20:00:39 UTC 2011

Author: marius
Date: Fri Mar 11 20:00:38 2011
New Revision: 219530

  In the upstream rev. 1.61 of elf64-sparc.c the following bug was fixed:
          * elf64-sparc.c (sparc64_elf_relocate_section): Adjust addend of
          dynamic relocs against section symbols for the output section vma.
  However, with the addition of TLS support in the upstream rev. 1.104
  this fix was essentially reverted. After factoring out the common parts
  of elf32-sparc.c and elf64-sparc.c a comment was added to elfxx-sparc.c
  in the upstream rev. 1.27 as part of unrelated changes, saying that the
  fix from elf64-sparc.c rev. 1.61 indeed should be implemented, but given
  that some unspecified OS has a broken expecting broken relocations
  deliberately is omitted.
  As the current behavior actually violates the SPARC ABI, FreeBSD never
  had such a broken and this is actually causing problems with at
  least kernel modules linked with binutils 2.17.50 committed in r218822
  without the workaround committed in r219340 in place, re-implement the
  above fix in a way so that is only applied if the output format is
  ELFOSABI_FREEBSD. In the upstream version it probably would make sense
  to invert this check and only skip adjusting the addend for the OS with
  the broken, once it's determine which one that is.
  Approved by:	dim


Modified: head/contrib/binutils/bfd/elfxx-sparc.c
--- head/contrib/binutils/bfd/elfxx-sparc.c	Fri Mar 11 19:44:06 2011	(r219529)
+++ head/contrib/binutils/bfd/elfxx-sparc.c	Fri Mar 11 20:00:38 2011	(r219530)
@@ -2474,11 +2474,13 @@ _bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section (bfd *ou
   Elf_Internal_Rela *rel;
   Elf_Internal_Rela *relend;
   int num_relocs;
+  const struct elf_backend_data *bed;
   htab = _bfd_sparc_elf_hash_table (info);
   symtab_hdr = &elf_tdata (input_bfd)->symtab_hdr;
   sym_hashes = elf_sym_hashes (input_bfd);
   local_got_offsets = elf_local_got_offsets (input_bfd);
+  bed = get_elf_backend_data (output_bfd);
   if (elf_hash_table (info)->hgot == NULL)
     got_base = 0;
@@ -2876,11 +2878,6 @@ _bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section (bfd *ou
 			  asection *osec;
-			  /* We are turning this relocation into one
-			     against a section symbol.  It would be
-			     proper to subtract the symbol's value,
-			     osec->vma, from the emitted reloc addend,
-			     but expects buggy relocs.  */
 			  osec = sec->output_section;
 			  indx = elf_section_data (osec)->dynindx;
@@ -2901,6 +2898,15 @@ _bfd_sparc_elf_relocate_section (bfd *ou
 			      bfd_set_error (bfd_error_bad_value);
 			      return FALSE;
+			  /* We are turning this relocation into one
+			     against a section symbol, so subtract out
+			     the output section's address but not the
+			     offset of the input section in the output
+			     section on OSes where doesn't expect
+			     buggy relocs.  */
+			  if (bed->elf_osabi == ELFOSABI_FREEBSD)
+			    outrel.r_addend -= osec->vma;
 		      outrel.r_info = SPARC_ELF_R_INFO (htab, rel, indx,

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