svn commit: r213322 - head/sys/kern

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Oct 1 14:11:24 UTC 2010

mdf at wrote:
> I thought CTLFLAG_TUN was only used to provide a more useful error
> message when writing to a read-only sysctl?  I think the CTLFLAG_TUN
> should not be here for a RW sysctl.

Yes, that's the only use for CTLFLAG_TUN _now_.
Perhaps in the future there could be other uses, such as a flag to sysctl to list
names which are also tunables.  Or some other creative use.

sysctl(9) says:

CTLFLAG_TUN      Also declare a system tunable with the same name to ini‐
                 tialize this variable.

While the above is not true or very ambiguous at the very least, I still don't see
any reason not to use the flag in this case.

Andriy Gapon

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